Bucharest, 2020

290 m2

The space imagined for the naturist brand "Remediu" tested a corner location in a shopping center gallery in Bucharest. To exhibit and sell supplements, therapeutic bee products (made in Romania) and at the same time to sell and serve confectionery products with beekeeping ingredients. The proposed layout consists of two "L" sides equipped with display furniture, a peninsula attached to one of the sides and an isolated corner, provided with an exhibition box, at the base of an add screen, posed on a pole with a triangular base, which marks, like a totem, the intersection of the two commercial galleries.

The design takes on a semi-industrial style, with frontispieces made of corrugated black sheet metal, perforated sheet brass elements for display furniture, industrial-looking black lamps and sconces. Perimeter furniture in mdf and veneered curved plywood, with clear glass shelves and LED strips, with local arched cutouts and polished brass plinths, enhances the products on display and gives a visual and tactile presence to the whole assembly. The peninsula-type furniture contains the "counter" area (payment), the retrobar area (preparation of dishes), the serving area (bar) and the cold display area, built-in, for presenting confectionery products. The black 3D ceramic tiles, partially present on two sides of the peninsula, are part of the overall ambience, with industrial valences. The opposite side of the peninsula presents to the buyer geometric cutouts in the wooden front, for displaying products.

The set of shelves with plant pots, suspended menu boards and technical and ambient lighting fixtures, above the peninsula, give dynamism to the space and alleviate the monotony of the modular, standardized ceiling.