Legendei Villa
2017 — 2022

290 m2

The bohemian spirit of the 1930s has been restored for the interbelic villa with neo-Romanian, Gothic and Byzantine motifs in a quiet area of Bucharest. Interior restoration of the ground floor access area and of the 1st floor fully spread over 3 years and 300 square meters of usable space, with the stage of furnishing/finishing tunning in progress. In the restoration process were included: coffered or Gothic vaulted ceilings, columns with Byzantine capitals, interior doors, windows, staircase to the first floor, with wooden carved balustrade, painted stoves, partly massive parquet and stained-glass windows.

The brief revolved around the desire to recover as much as possiblefrom the original architectural elements, and the imprint of the current intervention to have an eclectic input, of new elements in the spirit of the old (retro ceramic tiles for the walls and floors in the bathrooms and kitchen) and elements/ exceptional intentions (interior carpentry painted turquoise, hallway walls and office painted washable dark gray-blue, modern sanitary ware, but with classic chrome faucets, partially classic custom furniture, ready-made furniture and contemporary lighting fixtures, but with a retro air.